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Mother’s Day 2016

Usually when I decide to finally get my stuff in gear and do a little blog writing it is more about our beautiful clients and their families, weddings, engagements, life events like having a graduating child or bringing a newborn home. Today being Mother’s Day, and me being an ultimate procrastinator making this towards the end of the day, I felt the need to write a little about being a mom.

Being a mom, but not in the typical you change diapers, you do laundry, you yell the same thing repeatedly all day long type mom blog post. I wanted to write more about being a mom and being in pictures. One of the biggest gifts I think we can leave behind for those we love besides our morals, talents, life lessons, etc, is a picture of us to remember who we were.

As mothers, I think we have become more and more guilty about not being present in pictures with our kids. Oftentimes I hear moms say they can’t be in a picture because their hair or makeup isn’t done, their clothing isn’t perfect, their weight isn’t ideal, they were caught off guard, they need to wash their hair, etc, etc, etc.

As women and moms, we can point out our flaws faster than a hot knife through butter, but if we were to ask our kids what they thought about us (probably not teens, because we all know they really secretly love their parents, but outwardly dislike everything), I am sure the kids would say things like she makes good kool-aid, or I like her squishy belly to lay my head on, or she looks like a princess when she wears a pretty dress.

Kids love without flaw. Therefore, when they look at a picture 50 or 60 years down the road, most likely when they are sharing a story with their grandchild and we are long gone, they will be telling stories of their mamma and some crazy adventure you had, or about how you loved to have picnics, or never could take a picture without laughing.

So take this as your friendly photographer and mom PSA…..Be in the picture….

Here’s our Mother’s day weekend pictures

We were able to spend an amazing weekend with family.  My husband’s brother and wife and kids were in from out of state for her brother’s graduation and they had invited us to come and celebrate with them.  Huge Congrats to Nick on such an amazing accomplishment on his college Degree!   Brian and Mollie have had us out to Mollie’s family’s place several times and we love seeing them all.   This of course was no exception.  Brian and my husband Ken’s mom and stepdad were also there.  So, I took it as a great opportunity to grab some Mom pictures!   I didn’t really give my mother in law much of an option and she humored me well.  Two of her three kids were there with her.  We miss Kris and her family tons and wish they could visit more often!


Of course it is giggles with this family…and out of focus pictures, but laughter trumps focus any day!


Then we threw in the grand kids that were present….


I was also able to grab some pictures of my sister in law, Mollie and her two kids.  I admire Mollie on so many levels and am glad that she is always willing to jump into pictures!


I don’t think we can have a post of moms without having a face being cleaned off by good ole finger washing….


Since her mom was there, I made her get in some pictures too!


I’ve seen Mollie make this face so many times that I had to include it!



Having her baby girl move away has been hard on this mom, but these ladies are close as ever and I love seeing the bond between them.


And of course I had to get one of me and Mollie too…


Then I got to go see my mom.   I love her more than words and she is absolutely my rock and bestie.   She is just an amazing lady.  She wanted to know if I wanted her to put something nice on, Nah….let’s just be in some pictures together mom…


and here are some with my two kiddos…..she couldn’t quit laughing, which of course is part of why I love her so.



and last but not least….I’m not in love with my looks, I know I’m not the perfect size, I almost always look like I have a sunburn, and I have a little mole next to the corner of my mouth that I Photoshop out of most pictures….but here I am with my kids.  One day they will look back and be able to say….yep this is the time we tried to make mom feel ok about being shorter than us, although we were taller than her for most of our lives…..



Alexis met Scott and Tara last year through a site called Thumbtack when they were looking for a wedding photographer.   We got along great!   They were going to have a small wedding at Fremont Lake State Recreation Area in Fremont, Nebraska surrounded by their close friends and family.   Their wedding party were their biggest supporters, their kids.   It was a beautiful June evening, with an amazing sunset.  Their sweet ceremony took place on the outside deck of the clubhouse, and ended with fun and laughter until the beautifully lit up deck.   This was a perfect summer wedding!


Tara scott wedding 1Tara scott wedding 3Tara scott wedding 10Tara scott wedding 11Tara scott wedding 4Tara scott wedding 12Tara scott wedding 2Tara scott wedding 5Tara scott wedding 6Tara scott wedding 7Tara scott wedding 8Tara scott wedding 9

If you are like me (Alexis), craftiness is not something I was blessed with.   However, I am always so amazed at all the beautiful decor I get to see at weddings.   It is one of those little things that many brides to be spend hours on with family members, diving into Pinterest for the budget friendly options, and asking friends “what did you do” type questions.

So I thought I’d give a little inspiration out there for with some of the beautiful simple pieces I saw this past year.  Enjoy!

decor 1decor 3decor 2decor 5decor 4decor 6

Virginia & Fred got married Last June at the quaint little Old Presbyterian Church in Bellevue on Franklin Street.  This is a super fun, one room church that provides a historic romantic feel, built in the 1850s!   From there we took a ride on Olley the Trolly to OPPD arboretum for some pictures and then onto Bellevue Berry Farm for the reception.   They had close family and friends help them celebrate their love that was years in the making (high school friends found love in later years of renewed friendship, wow what a romantic story).  Congrats to these two!

Getting Ready PicturesWedding Party PicturesOld Presbyterian ChurchOld Presbyterian Church OmahaBridal PartyTrolly RideBellevue Berry FarmBellevue Berry Farm Pictures

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